January 29, 2009

Food Days 247-263

Posted in daily food diary, musings on weight-loss at 10:39 pm by Shanti

Hi Everyone 🙂

I know I haven’t been posting my food… I’ve been incredibly busy and just haven’t made time for it. Nonetheless, I have been TRACKING on my own. The last week in particular has been really stellar.

After weigh-in last week (and aren’t I due to make another today? yes) I really got my act together, fell in love with running all over again, and am now here happy and better off. 😀

Food has been at the losing-weight level every day. I’ve run several times, and on those days I compensate for the burnt-off calories by eating more but only as many calories as I’ve burnt off. Yay!

I haven’t been anally recording my exchanges… it was causing me too much overwhelm. I really quite prefer to just count calories. THAT BEING SAID, I have learned heaps and heaps from eating balanced according to Jenny Craig and will never eat like I did before, again. My eyes are open now and I will always eat more balanced 😉 I’m just not going to track every little thing because it was driving me crazy.

<3333 Hope you’re well… thanks for following 😀


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  1. cjatagirlsclub said,

    Good for you girl. Keep up the good work!

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